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Channel 4's funniest ever shows - The Results (10-6)

Channel 4 celebrates its 30th birthday this year and to mark the occasion, the broadcaster is airing a Funny Fortnight, starting on Thursday (August 16). Including some of its best-loved shows (and a few new ones), the channel will be airing wall-to-wall classic comedy over the coming weeks.

Digital Spy joined in the celebrations by asking our readers to vote for the funniest ever Channel 4 show. The votes have now been counted and a clear winner has emerged. We'll reveal the Top 5 results tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are numbers 10 to 6.

10. Brass Eye

9. Drop The Dead Donkey

8. Black Books

7. Green Wing

6. Peep Show

Do you agree with numbers 10-6? What do you want in the Top 5?
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