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'Being Human', 'Elementary', 'Friday Night Dinner': Tube Talk Q&A

By and Daniel Sperling
Ever been in one of those situations where you're down the pub and one of your party turns to you and says, 'Mate, have you seen the new episode of bla bla?' And then you try and bluff it for a bit, before inevitably you're exposed as a filthy liar, and you're cast out of your friendship circle, all because you had no idea that bla bla was even back on the box?

It's a humiliating, nightmarish experience, and it's our job to make sure it doesn't happen to you in the future by bringing you airdates and info for some of the best shows out there in our Tube Talk Q&A, which this week includes Elementary and the soon-to-be-finshed Being Human...

When is Elementary back on Sky Living please?
Elementary S01E06: 'Flight Risk'


Since you asked so nicely, we can confirm that Jonny Lee Miller's bonkers, frenetic take on Sherlock Holmes will return to UK screens in less than a week. Following a mid-season break, Sky Living will air episode 1.11 - 'Dirty Laundry' - on Tuesday, February 26 at 9pm.

Make sure you tune in the following week too, since episode twelve is by our estimation the show's best outing to date. Vinnie Jones guest stars as the mysterious 'M' - an old nemesis of Sherlock - in this action-packed hour, which contains some exciting new hints about our hero's mysterious past in London.

Oh, and bonus fact - we'll have an interview with Vinnie Jones going live on the site next week, in which the Brit star tells us all about M's fateful reunion with his nemesis and what's coming up for the villain next...

Is Friday Night Dinner coming back for a third series?
Friday Night Dinner

© Channel 4

Channel 4 have yet to confirm one way or another whether Robert Popper's wonderfully silly sitcom will return, but when we spoke to star Tom Rosenthal (Jonny) recently, he told us that he is "quietly confident" that Friday Night Dinner will be back...

"I've heard whisperings - there are ruminations going on in the highest halls of Channel 4, but I can't unfortunately say either way [at the moment]," said the young comic. So that's not an outright confirmation, but it's sounding good - fingers crossed, basically!

I am gutted that Being Human is ending - too soon! Do you have any teasers for the last episodes?
Being Human, Tom, Hal, Alex


Far be it from us to spoil the final end - we're pretty torn up about bidding farewell to Hal, Tom and Alex too incidentally - but howzabout a few hints at what's to come in this Sunday's knockout episode 'The Greater Good' in addition to our traditional ten teasers?

Alright, so the antepenultimate (yes, that's a thing) episode of Being Human sees Captain Hatch (Phil Davis) back on the scene after his notable absence from 'Pie and Prejudice' - and more than one character falls under his dark influence this Sunday!

Hal (Damien Molony) meanwhile suffers a crisis of faith, there's an awful lot of hugging going on, and Alex (Kate Bracken) goes on a date, though don't go expecting true romance...

I know it's unlikely, but will Channel 5 show the second season of The Lying Game?
Adrian Pasdar in 'The Lying Game'

© Channel 5

Do you believe in miracles, samy1014? Going missing from the schedules, being repeatedly delayed and shunted around to different timeslots are not traditionally promising signs for a show's future, but somehow The Lying Game has overcome all that and will indeed return to 5* this year.

Tube Talk can reveal that the twisted twin thriller will air daily at 1pm over two weeks at some point in 2013, probably late summer. It's not a great slot and it's still a long way off, but we know Lying Game fans were expecting a lot worse...

Any news from More 4 when they will be airing The Big C season three??
The cast of 'The Big C'

© Showtime

The cast of 'The Big C'

We've got a little something for you, yes. The bittersweet Laura Linney drama about cancer patient Cathy Jamison and her determination to live life to the full after her diagnosis is set to return to More 4 later in the year, most likely in the summer.

If you haven't heard, season three of The Big C, which will reveal the fate of Cathy's husband Paul (Oliver Platt) after his heart attack, is the last one proper before a mini-season of four hour-long episodes (due to air on Showtime in the US from April 29, Yankie readers) wraps the story up.

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