Comic-Con 2012

Marvel Studios confirms a first look at its upcoming film over the weekend. 'Guardians' preview coming to Comic-Con Udon Entertainment announces New Generation and Akuma: Origins. 'Street Fighter' graphic novels unveiled Robert Doherty and Carl Beverly talk Sherlock, Watson as a woman and more. 'Elementary' exec producers interview The stars of ABC's fantasy drama speak to Digital Spy about the new run. 'Once Upon a Time' stars on season two Peter Jackson unveils footage that was recently shown at Comic-Con. 'The Hobbit': Peter Jackson's new diary Teen Titans #0 will offer a rebooted origin for the hero, says Scott Lobdell. New 52: Tim Drake was never Robin The star of Fox's hit drama talks Booth, Brennan and season eight. 'Bones' David Boreanaz Q&A The publisher launches a multimedia project with DeZerlin Media. Dark Horse unveils 'Dragon Resurrection' The Daredevil writer argues for cheaper releases at Comic-Con. Waid calls for 99 cent digital comics IDW Publishing unveils its fourth adaptation of Richard Stark's Parker. Darwyn Cooke tackles 'The Mourner' McHale talks to Digital Spy about NBC's quirky comedy. 'Community' Joel McHale Q&A Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch and Kunal Nayyar talk to Digital Spy. 'Big Bang Theory' stars on season six Sherri Cooper insists that Kreuk is not too "girly" for the show's lead role. Beauty & the Beast exec on Kristin Kreuk The cartoonist denies plans for a third adaptation of his Dark Horse title. 'No Hellboy 3', says creator Mignola The young star teases details about Glee's guest star Kate Hudson. Lea Michele on Kate Hudson 'Glee' role Iron Man filmmakers discuss the future of Pepper Potts in the film franchise. Gwyneth Paltrow for own Iron Man suit? Criss names Covert Affairs actor Gallagher as his dream TV dad. Criss wants 'OC' star as 'Glee' father The Animal Man and Swamp Thing writers tease their DC Comics crossover. Lemire, Snyder give 'Rotworld' details Shane Davis and Simon Bisley join them on Shadow Walk and Tower Chronicles. Legendary unveils Waid, Wagner projects The Ultimate Comics Spider-Man artist enters into a deal with the top publisher. David Marquez becomes Marvel exclusive The creative team behind the new Image Comics miniseries offer a sneak peak. Oliver: Whitta, Robertson unveil trailer New gameplay footage shows more of Resident Evil 6. 'Resident Evil 6' new gameplay trailer The actor reveals Quentin Tarantino's unorthodox writing technique. 'Django Unchained' ending 'changed late' The publisher celebrates its ten-year anniversary with ten new titles. Aspen unveils 10-for-10 initiative Punisher creative team Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto tackle the miniseries. Marvel details 'Punisher War Zone' Marvel Studios officially confirms the actor's role in the next Iron Man film. Iron Man: Kingsley confirmed as Mandarin The Avengers bonus Blu-ray/DVD short gets online teaser. Marvel releases 'Item 47' clip - watch Robert Pattinson says he has never before worn a hairpiece in Twilight. Robert Pattinson had orange Twilight wig Guillermo del Toro reveals that he and Ron Perlman are trying to make Hellboy 3. Ron Perlman, del Toro want 'Hellboy 3' The Last of Us is given a new trailer, introducing supporting character Bill. 'The Last of Us' cinematic trailer The actress also talks about the "challenging" times ahead for Rachel at NYADA. 'Glee' Michele reveals season four song PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale welcomes more Sony favourites. PlayStation All-Stars characters revealed Tube Talk picks out its highlights from a crazy weekend at Comic-Con 2012. Comic-Con: 5 cool things we learned Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance receives new images at this year's Comic-Con. 'Metal Gear Rising' Comic-Con gallery Joe Pearson joins the pair on their post-apocalyptic Lost Angeles series. IDW unveils Eastman, Bisley title The publisher offers a reimagining of Shotaro Ishinomori's title. 'Cyborg 009': Archaia revives manga Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction and Chris Roberson contribute new miniseries. Image unveils projects from top creators The crossover runs through Venom and Scarlet Spider with two bookend one-shots. Marvel unveils 'Minimum Carnage' details The premiere date for season five is also revealed. 'Sons of Anarchy' prequel a possibilty The director teams with DC Comics on the five-issue miniseries. Tarantino unveils Django Unchained comic