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Top Story Friends' greatest ever episode revealed in 20th anniversary poll Clue: She got off the plane. Friends: 'The One Where Ross Finds Out'
Seven days of special content as Digital Spy marks a decade since Lost premiered. Lost Week: 10 years of the game-changing drama The star of Channel 5's new whodunnit has his say on the glossy new US remake. Channel 5's new thriller takes leap to US The singer and actress suggests a feature looking at Lizzie McGuire ten years on. Hilary Duff open to Lizzie McGuire return Lynch appeared in  Fringe, In Plain Sight and American Dreams. Eric 'The Actor' Lynch dies, aged 39 Dhani Harrison and Norah Jones are taking part in Conan's tribute. Conan O'Brien airing George Harrison tribute Lucy Lawless is hopeful that she'll reprise her role as Ron Swanson's wife. Lucy Lawless wants Parks and Rec return Special edition of Big Brother drops 27% from last new episode. Friday ratings: NBC, CBS tie in key demo Lucy Lawless hints at how her character Isabelle Hartley joins up with Coulson. Lucy Lawless teases new SHIELD characters Veronica Mars's Ryan Hansen is back in the new Play It Again, Dick teaser. New Veronica Mars spinoff teaser revealed Hank Azaria shows Conan O'Brien how he voices Clancy Wiggum with Frozen song. See The Simpsons star sing 'Let it Go' June 'Mama June' Shannon and Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson confirm separation. Honey Boo Boo's parents separate The Irish actor will reportedly be involved in eight episodes. Colin Farrell confirms True Detective role The actor revealed that the part of Luke Cage has been taken by another actor. Idris Elba rules out Luke Cage role The producers discuss S4 stories, including the Charmings' struggle with a baby. Once Upon a Time: Elsa and Emma bond Garret Dillahunt and veteran actor Sam Elliott will appear in the final season. Justified casts Raising Hope star Jessica Biel, Stephen Collins and Beverley Mitchell reunite after eight years. 7th Heaven cast members reunite for photo Yeardley Smith is blackmailed by Mindy Kaling in Fox comedy's new season. The Simpsons star for The Mindy Project Go behind the scenes of the final season of writer Aaron Sorkin's HBO series. The Newsroom: Watch "stolen moments" from final season The comedian is reportedly tapped to host early 40th season episode. Jim Carrey to host upcoming SNL episode? Oliver Queen is on hand to give Barry Allen some advice on being a hero. See The Flash meet The Arrow in teaser The HBO comedy follows nurses in a female geriatric wing of a hospital.
Getting On season 2 gets teaser trailers Nichols will appear in an episode in season 12 as an ATF special agent. Marisol Nichols to guest star in NCIS It is not known what role Pressman will be playing in the show's fourth season. Sally Pressman joins Once Upon a Time The Big C actress Connie Ray will join the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy casts April Kepner's mum The wrestling star undergoes surgery for an incarcerated hernia. WWE's Roman Reigns in emergency surgery The caretaker has been drowning his sorrows after the Scottish referendum. Simpsons' Groundskeeper Willie after vote Sheldon Cooper returns to his friends in the double-bill season 8 premiere. Two new Big Bang Theory season 8 clips The host was serenaded by Stevie Wonder and was visited by two shirtless stars. Jimmy Fallon's surprise birthday guests James Spader's Red Reddington warns that a "war is coming" in the season 2 trailer. Watch The Blacklist season 2 trailer E! announces that Fashion Police will return next year. Fashion Police to continue without Joan Rivers The Biggest Loser sinks to a series low for NBC on Thursday. Thursday ratings: NFL dominates Jim Sheridan's 2002 film is being developed as a TV series for HBO. HBO developing In America TV series Arrow's Greg Berlanti is writing the pilot episode with Ali Adler. Supergirl TV show gets series commitment Scandal creator complains after a New York Times critic called her an "angry black woman". Shonda Rhimes "angry black woman" response You'll never guess who is making a return to Westeros. Game of Thrones return for dead character Melissa Rivers reveals that she received a hand-written note from the President. Barack Obama pays respects to Joan Rivers Rob James-Collier explains the reasons behind Thomas Barrow's Machiavellian nature. Rob James-Collier on Downton series 5 Gunther actor James Michael Tyler makes an appearance at his old workplace. See the Central Perk pop-up shop opening Alexandra Shipp replaced Zendaya in June, after she pulled out of the project. See first image of Alexandra Shipp as Aaliyah MacDowell has joined the Magic Mike sequel in an unknown role. Andie MacDowell for Magic Mike XXL