The Cape

The Cape Top Story Vinnie Jones's superhero series comes to Syfy Vinnie Jones's US superhero series The Cape will be shown on Syfy in the UK.
NBC announces that the tenth and likely final episode of The Cape will get an online release. NBC to release final 'Cape' ep online Nick Jonas reveals that he would love to guest star in an episode of No Ordinary Family. Nick Jonas 'wants No Ordinary Family role' NBC reduces its series order for The Cape by three episodes. NBC cuts 'The Cape' episode order Tom Wheeler reveals that Raia will become obsessed with Vince on NBC's The Cape. 'The Cape' creator hints at Raia arc Tom Wheeler admits that he is still hopeful that NBC will renew The Cape. 'Cape' creator 'hopeful about renewal' Michael Irby and Lil' Romeo reportedly sign up to play villains on The Cape. Michael Irby, Lil' Romeo sign for 'Cape' Summer Glau reveals that the mystery of Orwell's past will be explored on The Cape. 'Cape' star Glau hints at Orwell secret Summer Glau hints that her character Orwell may have a romance in The Cape. Summer Glau teases 'The Cape' romance Thomas Wheeler claims that The Cape can appeal to viewers who are not comic book fans. 'Cape' exec: 'Show appeals to everyone' David Lyons claims that his character Vince will become less dark and brooding on The Cape. Lyons: 'The Cape will become lighter' We chat to Summer Glau and James Frain about their new roles in NBC drama The Cape. Q&A: Summer Glau & James Frain on 'The Cape' Summer Glau claims that her character has complex feelings for Vince on NBC's The Cape. Glau: 'Cape relationship is complicated' James Frain reveals his predictions for the character of Chess on NBC's The Cape. 'The Cape' star Frain hints at Chess arc The Cape star James Frain drops hints about upcoming confrontations between Vince and Peter. 'Cape' star teases 'psychological warfare' The showrunner of NBC's The Cape confirms that the series will remain "fun" and "fanciful". 'Cape' exec: 'Series will remain light' Tom Wheeler drops hints as to what is coming up in the first season of The Cape. 'The Cape' creator hints at future plots Click here to read what executive producer Tom Wheeler had to say about The Cape! Q&A: The executive producer of 'The Cape'! NBC invites viewers to submit their ideas for villains to new television show The Cape. NBC announces 'The Cape' villain contest We chat to star David Lyons about NBC's new superhero series The Cape. Q&A: David Lyons talks 'The Cape' The Cape creator Thomas Wheeler reveals that Mena Suvari and Elliot Gould will guest star. Mena Suvari, Elliot Gould for 'The Cape' Thomas Wheeler claims that The Cape will feel like a comic book come to life. 'Cape' exec: 'Show feels like a comic' NBC will allow iPad users to view the pilot episode of The Cape. NBC to offer iPad preview of 'The Cape' Thomas Wheeler confirms that Orwell's past will be explored on NBC's new drama The Cape. 'The Cape' exec teases Orwell arc Thomas Wheeler reveals that he wants The Cape to be a realistic superhero show. 'Cape' exec 'didn't want superpowers' Summer Glau confirms that she will play a physical role on NBC's superhero drama The Cape. Summer Glau: 'The Cape role is physical' Actress Illeana Douglas signs up for a recurring role on NBC superhero drama The Cape. Illeana Douglas wins 'The Cape' role Executive Producer Tom Wheeler discusses The Cape's various villains. 'Cape' exec opens up on show's villains Summer Glau insists that she is nothing like her character Orwell in NBC's The Cape. Glau: 'I'm nothing like Cape character' James Frain reveals details of his new role as the evil Chess on NBC's The Cape. James Frain teases 'The Cape' role Click here to watch a teaser trailer for NBC's new superhero series The Cape! Fancy a quick peek at 'The Cape'? Thomas Wheeler suggests that some aspects of upcoming NBC drama The Cape are based on fact. 'The Cape' exec: 'The show is realistic' The Cape star David Lyons reveals more details about the forthcoming NBC drama. David Lyons drops 'The Cape' hints Vinnie Jones reveals details of his villainous role on NBC superhero drama The Cape. Vinnie Jones teases 'The Cape' role Actor Chad Lindberg announces that he will play a villain on NBC's upcoming drama The Cape. Chad Lindberg wins 'The Cape' guest role James Frain explains that he is excited about his new superhero show The Cape. Frain: 'The Cape is a bit like Batman' Izabella Miko signs up for a multi-episode arc on new superhero drama The Cape. Izabella Miko signs up for 'The Cape' Details emerge of the second episode of NBC's new superhero drama The Cape. Details revealed of new 'Cape' episode John Wirth insists that upcoming NBC superhero drama The Cape will not feel "campy". 'The Cape' exec denies 'campy' tone Thomas Wheeler explains that NBC drama The Cape will feature a memorable rogues' gallery. 'The Cape' exec 'wants classic villains' Thomas Wheeler reveals storylines for the first four episodes of NBC drama The Cape. 'The Cape' creator teases first season