The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Top Story Flying zombies! Fear the Walking Dead is getting a web spinoff set entirely on an airplane Zombie terror at 30,000 feet!
This prequel excels at building tension, but feels anti-climactic. Fear The Walking Dead: Does it lack bite? Can AMC strike zombie apocalypse gold twice? Fear the Walking Dead: Twitter reacts "This is a family like so many in the world today." Watch Fear the Walking Dead featurette Cliff Curtis says he has hopes of teaming up with Rick Grimes once Fear establishes itself. Fear the Walking Dead star wants crossover "We don't run around with bows and arrows and swords and machine guns," says star Cliff Curtis. Fear the Walking Dead is 'more realistic' Let the "apocalyptic education" begin. Watch Walking Dead's terrifying spinoff Horrifying monsters are coming to the streaming service. *insert Jeremy Clarkson joke here* Amazon Prime gets Fear the Walking Dead Talking Dead will premiere after each episode of the hit horror series. FOX UK to air Walking Dead after-show Rick vs. Morgan. Wolves. Zombies. Negan? Everything we know about The Walking Dead season 6 Go back in time to where the zombie apocalypse began. Fear the Walking Dead is "apocalyptic education" This ain't your grandmother's zombie show. Fear The Walking Dead: Why we need a spinoff Can you handle the horror? The Walking Dead's most disgusting zombies yet Early buzz suggests the new spinoff is more than just a cash-in. Fear the Walking Dead is actually pretty good The Walking Dead spin-off will air August 31 on AMC from BT. Fear the Walking Dead will air on AMC UK The zombie apocalypse comes to Los Angeles on August 23 in the US.  Darkness falls in Fear the Walking Dead teaser Chronological and geographical differences will keep the two separate. No zombie crossover for Fear the Walking Dead There will also be mazes dedicated to Insidious and Freddy vs Jason. Walking Dead to spook again at Universal Studios The new show is following the same broadcast model as its father. Fear the Walking Dead s2 is split in two All of you Daryl and Rick shippers now have your dream picture. Walking Dead's Daryl, Rick in groping photo The Alexandria Safe Zone isn't safe anymore in a dozen new pictures from zombie drama. First-look images from The Walking Dead "It's a very hopeful story about humanity overcoming this insurmountable, apocalyptic situation," says Robert Kirkman. Will Walking Dead have a happy ending? We get you up to date on the Alexandria Safe Zone, and a new zombie horde gathering in LA. Walking Dead at Comic-Con: All the news Follow along with all the news and spoilers on AMC's spinoff live from San Diego. Fear the Walking Dead at Comic-Con: All the news There's trouble in paradise for Rick Grimes and the Alexandria Safe-Zone with the Wolves lurking. Walking Dead s6: First trailer, UK date Kim Dickens is on the run from the undead in the Walking Dead spinoff's first extended preview. See Fear the Walking Dead's new footage Follow along with all the season 5 discussion and season 6 spoilers from cast and crew. Walking Dead at Comic-Con: All the news Everyday situations turn terrifying when the dead begin to rise in Los Angeles. Fear the Walking Dead debuts its zombies It doesn't look like things will be getting better for Rick and Michonne anytime soon. 'Brutal' new Walking Dead: Pictures Take control of Rick Grimes and wreak havoc on walkers. The Escapists gets Walking Dead spinoff Producers and cast take viewers behind the scenes to the very beginning of the zombie apocalypse. New Fear the Walking Dead BTS teaser The zombie apocalypse survivors are on the edge of violence in new teaser images. First look at The Walking Dead s6 An viral outbreak is sweeping Los Angeles - but is really just the flu? See eerie new Walking Dead spinoff teaser Gone Girl's Kim Dickens leads the cast as school guidance counsellor Madison. See new poster for The Walking Dead spinoff Gone Girl's Kim Dickens begins to notice just how many people are going missing in LA. Watch the new Fear the Walking Dead teaser Reports in five states say some kind of virus is spreading - but Kim Dickens isn't convinced. Virus spreads in Fear the Walking Dead promo "It's a little surreal, I'm not going to lie to you," one cast member says of a major character's return. First Walking Dead set video debuts A season 6 banner poster is also released to tease the show's return. Walking Dead and spinoff coming to Comic-Con LA teen Nick is running for his life in a new clip - but what's chasing him? See first Fear the Walking Dead clip The channel will be the home of Fear the Walking Dead when it launches in September. Walking Dead network AMC coming to UK Samurai sword-wielding heroine to feature in a three-episode game. Michonne gets solo Walking Dead game