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The Walking Dead Top Story The Walking Dead Escape event returning to San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Comic-Con International guests will be able to tangle with zombies in mobile attraction.
Fans will see more of Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones together in season six. Walking Dead creator teases season 6 Hip-hop star says he wants "to be like [Daryl's] friend from the city". Beastie Boys star wants Walking Dead role A look at the 9 major live-action series based on comics broadcast right now. How is comic book TV performing in 2015? Gale Anne Hurd reiterates previous comments made by Scott M Gimple. Walking Dead: 'Alexandria's no longer safe' Fear the Walking Dead will launch on US television this summer. The Walking Dead: No crossover with spinoff Once Upon A Time dips to series low for ABC on Sunday (March 29). Sunday ratings: Walking Dead dominates 'Conquer' has much to offer, but frustratingly keeps the wolves at bay. Walking Dead season 5 finale: A bloody showdown Andrew Lincoln talks Rick's beard and future, while Greg Nicotero shares gore secrets. Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln, Nicotero Q&A The 2015 intro to the AMC zombie series is recreated in LittleBigPlanet 3. Walking Dead gets LittleBigPlanet treatment "I said the show reinvents itself every eight episodes, and we're doing it again." Walking Dead season 6 teased by showrunner AMC brings the zombie apocalypse to Los Angeles for its Walking Dead spinoff. Watch first Fear the Walking Dead teaser AMC confirms the title of upcoming Walking Dead series set in California. Walking Dead spinoff name revealed Peacetime in Alexandria comes to a definitive, bloody and inevitable end. Walking Dead recap: Brutal and bloody The zombie drama's first two seasons are recreated in 8-bit by creative fans. See The Walking Dead as an 8-bit game Telltale is likely to release an episode that links season two and three. Telltale planning more Walking Dead DLC? 'Spend' delivers a sequence that stuns with its sheer brutality. The Walking Dead recap: Genuinely horrific Robert Kirkman says the spinoff will eventually "form a path" with Walking Dead. Walking Dead creator talks spinoff series To trust, or not to trust? Rick and the others may tear themselves apart. The Walking Dead s5, episode 13 recap AMC renews the untitled spinoff for second season ahead of show's summer debut. Walking Dead spinoff debuts this summer AMC's The Talking Dead will air after season five's upcoming finale episode. Walking Dead companion show to air in UK Steven Yeun says the female characters on the series "can protect themselves". Walking Dead star on show's badass women The actor has said that fan reaction to rumours about Daryl's sexuality has been mixed. Reedus would "rock" Walking Dead gay storyline Can Rick and his family go back to living like they used to? The Walking Dead s5, episode 12 recap Andrew Lincoln says he would be "surprised" if the villain didn't appear soon. Walking Dead: Iconic villain to appear? Director Paul Feig says he will "feed off" Walking Dead while making reboot. New Ghostbusters inspired by Walking Dead The Walking Dead will bow out this season with a super-sized finale. The Walking Dead gets 90-minute finale A newcomer offers salvation - but is Rick right to be mistrustful? The Walking Dead s5, episode 11 recap Andrew Lincoln says the characters will embark on a new chapter in Alexandria. The Walking Dead 'leading into new show' A rather sedate episode of the zombie series is bound to prove divisive. The Walking Dead s5, episode 10 recap Sunday's episode breaks the AMC drama's previous piracy record. Walking Dead return downloaded 1.2m times CBS wins the key 18-49 demographic against relatively little competition. Sunday ratings: Better Call Saul makes history Can a truly good man live in a hostile world - and is hope a fatal flaw? Walking Dead returns with shock twist Actor discusses the events of episode nine, which aired in the US last night (February 8). Walking Dead star reacts to new episode Andrew Lincoln says he's half terrified, half excited to see how audiences react. Lincoln: New Walking Dead is f**king nuts Rick Grimes and his group are on the road again after a tragic loss. Walking Dead: See return's first 2 minutes Rick Grimes and Michonne can be seen in the new preview pictures. See new Walking Dead episode photos Andrew Lincoln and writer Scott M Gimple will unveil an exclusive clip. Walking Dead star, writer for Google Hangout The horror drama will return to UK screens on Monday, February 9. The Walking Dead: See new cast photos From casting to crossovers, here's all we know about the zombie sister show. Walking Dead spinoff: Everything we know The actress will lead the film which is being directed by The Devil Inside's William Brent Bell. Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan joins Boy