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The Walking Dead Top Story UK TV ratings: The Walking Dead breaks FOX UK records with over 800,000 viewers Celebrity First Dates chats up over 1.7m on Monday.
Morgan is back, but will anyone dare to take on Rick? Walking Dead season 6 premiere review No fountain - but plenty of blood spurting! Watch Walking Dead set to Friends theme Creator Robert Kirkman teases that more of Morgan's backstory will be revealed this season. Walking Dead: Rick and Morgan 'will clash' A tense cliffhanger and a record-breaking horde of zombies? The Walking Dead is back. Walking Dead returns: Critics' round-up From brutal beheadings to dreadful dismemberments. NSFW: The 13 most brutal deaths in The Walking Dead "We're back in the Wild West." 17 teasers for The Walking Dead season 6 "Their ideologies come into conflict," confirms Lennie James. The Walking Dead: Rick and Morgan will clash It's not just Andrew Lincoln's beard any more. The collection is growing. Norman Reedus has some weird stuff in his fridge "If I got to pick these things, I'd have had sex with every character already." Walking Dead: Reedus on Daryl's sexuality A decent finale is soured by the shortcomings of what came before. Fear the Walking Dead's finale is frustrating The McFly drummer posed topess to promote an 'Obfleshion - Eau de Walker'. Harry Judd is shirtless for Walking Dead advert "There's definitely going to be a lot of intense action and a lot of awesome boat stuff." Fear the Walking Dead's seafaring season 2 teased "I just don't think that's something that would be a natural outgrowth of who our characters are." Why Fear won't cross over with Walking Dead Flight 462 centres on a flight where one passenger is discovered to be infected. Fear the Walking Dead debuts web series in US He doesn't get too cuddly with any of the zombies either. The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln is spoiler free A newcomer captivates - but the rest of the cast is nowhere near as interesting. Fear the Walking Dead episode 5: Enter Strand Spoiler-free reviews for the AMC zombie drama's premiere sound very promising. The Walking Dead season 6 is 'incredible' Yes, it's a spinoff to a spinoff. Fear the Walking Dead spinoff dated "We have to come for them… before they come for us!" See Walking Dead season 6's new trailer Things are about to get messy at Alexandria. Walking Dead season 6 is "off the chain" New cast addition Colman Domingo on why the spinoff stands alone. Fear the Walking Dead: Scarier than the original? Expect a big twist in episode 5. Fear the Walking Dead: Who is Strand? "[New episodes are about] whether or not Rick is as committed to [Alexandria] at this point in the journey." Rick won't take shit in Walking Dead s6 Valiant Hearts will also be free on Xbox One. Games for Gold lineup confirmed for October This leaked casting call certainly suggests so. Are we about to see Negan in Walking Dead? Guide Rick Grimes and his band of survivors to safety, and all for under £15. The Escapists: Walking Dead out next week Key figure in the survival of the Alexandria Safe Zone is on his way. Walking Dead casts Waterloo Road star Why did the writers decide to take the brakes off? Fear the Walking Dead uninspiring in week 4 A London restaurant is serving 'A Feast to Die For' for a limited time. Want to try a Walking Dead-inspired menu? The spinoff suffers from lapses in logic, but delivers decent chills. Fear the Walking Dead episode 3: Genuinely scary How safe is Alexandria, really? Walking Dead stars are armed in new photos What's Carol doing with that trench knife? See new Walking Dead s6 pictures Secure escape routes, find supplies and don't turn into a zombie. Walking Dead meets The Escapists in new trailer It looks like Deanna, Jessie and Spencer will be sticking around - for now. Walking Dead confirms 3 new series regulars The prequel's playful, scary second outing is an improvement on the first. Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 2 is brilliant BT is pleased with the Fear the Walking Dead figures for the new channel. Fear the Walking Dead UK ratings revealed Zombie terror at 30,000 feet! Fear the Walking Dead gets web spinoff This prequel excels at building tension, but feels anti-climactic. Fear The Walking Dead: Does it lack bite? Can AMC strike zombie apocalypse gold twice? Fear the Walking Dead: Twitter reacts "This is a family like so many in the world today." Watch Fear the Walking Dead featurette