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Skins US Top Story 'Skins' US axed by MTV after one season MTV officially cancels Skins US after airing just one season.
John Lydon praises Skins but says that the US version is not as good. John Lydon: 'US Skins is really naff' The cast of Skins take part in a controversial underwear shoot for Elle. 'Skins' cast pose in underwear for 'Elle' The Parents Television Council reportedly starts lobbying states' attorneys general about Skins. Parents' group steps up 'Skins' campaign Skins creator Bryan Elsley dismisses suggestions that the MTV series is a form of child pornography. US 'Skins' is 'opposite of pornography' MTV announces its intention to stand by Skins and its creator Brian Elsley. MTV 'won't cancel Skins USA' PETA reportedly offers to sponsor MTV's series Skins after a number of companies pull their adverts. PETA offers to sponsor 'Skins USA' Glee star Matthew Morrison defends MTV's controversial new series Skins. Matthew Morrison defends 'Skins USA' Denise Richards weighs in on the controversial US adaptation of teen drama Skins. Denise Richards 'disgusted' by 'Skins' Sofia Black D'Elia says that she wants people to realise that Skins is not just about sex and drugs. D'Elia: 'Skins is more than sex, drugs' Sofia Black D'Elia reveals that she is "proud" of her work on MTV's controversial show Skins. Sofia Black D'Elia: 'I'm proud of Skins' Schick becomes the sixth company to pull its advertising from MTV's show Skins. Sixth company pulls 'Skins USA' adverts Skins co-creator Bryan Elsley responds to controversy caused by the recent US premiere of the series. Elsley: 'Skins is an old-fashioned show' Subway becomes the latest major sponsor to withdraw its adverts from Skins. Subway pulls 'Skins' advertising spots Kaya Scodelario admits on her Twitter page that she is not a fan of the American version of Skins. Kaya Scodelario 'unimpressed by US Skins' Sofia Black D'Elia suggests that her Skins character Tea is "unsure" of herself. D'Elia: 'Skins character is unsure' H&R Block pulls its commercials from Skins and says that they shouldn't have aired during the show. H&R Block: 'Skins ads were a mistake' Wrigley is the latest company to drop out of advertising on Skins after criticism of the show. Third major sponsor drops US 'Skins' Skins star Sofia Black D'Elia defends the show following criticism of its content. 'Skins' star defends the show's content The Parents' Television Council reportedly calls for a federal investigation into MTV's show Skins. PTC asks for 'Skins' federal investigation Taco Bell says that Skins does not match with the company's vision. Taco Bell pulls 'Skins' US ads Bryan Elsley admits that MTV are taking a risk by airing their version of Skins. 'Skins' exec: 'MTV is taking a risk' MTV executives are reportedly worried that future episodes of Skins break child pornography laws. MTV execs 'worry Skins breaks the law' Skins actor James Newman suggests that the series' depictions of sex and drugs are authentic. Newman: 'Skins graphic scenes are realistic' Skins co-creator Bryan Elsley didn't expect fans to be so upset by the US character Tea. 'Skins' exec surprised by Tea controversy The Skins co-creator says that the American version will be different from the British one. 'Skins' creator promises US differences Lost star Michael Emerson will guest star as an autistic character on NBC's Parenthood. 'Lost' villain to guest on 'Parenthood' The cast of Skins USA respond to the Parents Television Council's complaints about the show. 'Skins' US cast respond to PTC complaints Click here to watch Eleanor Zichy, Britne Oldford and Jesse Carere chat about Skins USA! 'Skins' US: Meet Eura, Cadie and Chris! Click here to watch three more stars of Skins USA chat about their roles on the show! 'Skins' US: Meet Tea, Daisy and Abbud! Click here to watch James Newman, Rachel Thevenard and Daniel Flaherty chat about Skins USA! 'Skins' US: Meet Tony, Michelle and Stanley! Skins creator Bryan Elsley admits that he expected "trouble" with the American remake of the show. Elsley expected 'Skins USA' trouble Ron Mustafaa admits that the cast of MTV's Skins remake felt scared when filming began. Ron Mustafaa 'scared about Skins role' Skins US star James Newman promises that the show will be different from the original series. Newman promises 'Skins' US differences Skins producer Bryan Elsley promises that the US remake will be different from the British original. Elsley: 'Skins USA will be different' Click here to watch the trailer for the American remake of teenage drama Skins! 'Skins' hits the USA! Click in to take a look at the cast in the American version of Skins. First look at the 'Skins USA' cast!