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Catch up with the latest episode of Entourage's final season with an in-depth recap. 'Entourage': 'Motherf**ker' recap Catch up with the latest episode of Entourage's final season with an in-depth recap. 'Entourage': 'Whiz Kid' recap Catch up with the latest episode of Entourage's final season with an in-depth recap. 'Entourage': 'One Last Shot' recap Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly reveal that they have kept props from Entourage as mementos. Jeremy Piven 'kept Entourage watch' Catch up with the latest episode of Entourage's final season with an in-depth recap. 'Entourage': 'Out with a Bang' recap A film continuation of HBO comedy Entourage is confirmed by the show's creator. 'Entourage' film definitely in works, says show creator Adrian Grenier confesses that he is sad about the final season of HBO's Entourage. Adrian Grenier 'choked up' over 'Entourage' finale The mansion featured on the television series Entourage is sold for $4.2 million. 'Entourage' mansion sells for $4.2 million Emmanuelle Chriqui admits that filming the final season of Entourage was "tough". Emmanuelle Chriqui: 'Entourage final season was tough' Catch up with the Entourage final season premiere with an in-depth recap. 'Entourage': 'Home Sweet Home' recap Adrien Grenier says that he loved getting up early in the morning to film Entourage. 'Entourage' Adrian Grenier: 'I'll miss the early mornings' Adrian Grenier explains that he has mixed feelings about the impending Entourage series finale. Adrian Grenier: 'Entourage end is bittersweet' The final season of Entourage will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic only one day after HBO in the US. 'Entourage' finale to air on Sky Atlantic one day after HBO Entourage's executive producer Doug Ellin denies reports that he asked Anthony Weiner to guest star. 'Entourage' exec denies Anthony Weiner approach Entourage's executive producer says that he asked former congressman Anthony Weiner to guest star. 'Entourage' exec wants Anthony Weiner cameo Two New York Yankees reportedly film a cameo appearance for Entourage's upcoming final season. New York Yankees stars 'film Entourage cameo' Kevin Connolly will direct the penultimate episode of Entourage's final season. Kevin Connolly to direct 'Entourage' episode Alice Eve signs up to appear in four episodes of the final season of Entourage. Alice Eve to star in 'Entourage' Entourage star Kevin Dillon says he'll miss playing the bumbling Johnny Drama when the series wraps. Kevin Dillon: 'I'll miss Entourage' The executive producer of Entourage reveals that he would love Charlie Sheen to have a cameo. 'Entourage' exec wants Charlie Sheen cameo Jeremy Piven thinks that Entourage ended in a way that would lend itself to film. Jeremy Piven: 'Entourage film could happen' Debi Mazar admits that she has reservations about a big-screen version of Entourage. Debi Mazar 'unsure about Entourage film' Comic Andrew Dice Clay signs up to appear in the final season of Entourage. Andrew Dice Clay joins 'Entourage' Emmanuelle Chriqui says that she would be open to participating in a film version of Entourage. Chriqui: 'I'd love Entourage film' Jeremy Piven admits that he wants to explore Ari's troubled family life on Entourage. 'Entourage' star 'wants Ari family crisis' Autumn Reeser reveals that she would love to reprise her role as Lizzie on Entourage. Reeser hoping for 'Entourage' return Johnny Galecki signs up for a guest role in the final season of Entourage. Johnny Galecki lands 'Entourage' role Mark Wahlberg reveals that he still wants to produce a movie spin-off of Entourage. Wahlberg 'wants Entourage movie to happen' Entourage star Kevin Dillon admits that the end of the show is "a bit of a bummer". Kevin Dillon sad about 'Entourage' end Christina Aguilera says that she enjoyed filming her cameo for Entourage's season finale. Christina Aguilera 'enjoyed Entourage role' A source close to Robert Pattinson apparently denies that the actor will star in Entourage. Pattinson 'not appearing on Entourage' Reports suggest that Twilight star Robert Pattinson will appear on Entourage. Robert Pattinson for 'Entourage' role? Adrian Grenier admits that he is trying to ignore the end of Entourage. Adrian Grenier 'ignoring Entourage end' Autumn Reeser reveals that her Entourage character Lizzie will begin a battle with Ari. Autumn Reeser promises 'Entourage' battle Dania Ramirez admits that she is not sure whether her Entourage character will have a romance. Ramirez unsure about 'Entourage' romance HBO executives confirm that Entourage will end in 2011 but suggest that a movie could still be made. HBO confirms 2011 end for 'Entourage' Autumn Reeser reveals that she loves playing Ari's adversary on Entourage. Autumn Reeser enjoying 'Entourage' role John Stamos reveals that he had to receive ping-pong training for his guest role in Entourage. John Stamos teases 'Entourage' role Dania Ramirez says she enjoys guest-starring on Entourage as she can have fun with her character. Dania Ramirez 'loves 'Entourage' role' Illeana Douglas reportedly lands a guest role in a future episode of Entourage. Illeana Douglas lands 'Entourage' role